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Privacy and confidentiality policy

1. The montréal museums society is committed to ensuring the protection of your personal information.

The Montréal Museums Society set up this policy and these procedures to respect your privacy and protect your personal information on this website as well as on all other digital initiatives of the organization. This policy explains how and why we collect personal information and what measures are in place to protect your information and to address your complaints.
Montréal Museums Society employees are trained to adhere to this policy. We have appointed a person responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy. You may contact this person by e-mail at or at the following address: Montréal Museums Society, Privacy and Confidentiality Policy Officer, 333 Peel St., Montréal (Québec), H3C 3R9.
Please note that we may make changes to this policy and that this website provides you with the most current version.

2. purposes for collecting information

We determine and inform you of the purposes for which we are collecting personal information before or at the time it is collected. We only collect necessary information for the purposes sought and identified.  
We collect personal information :

  • to send you our electronic newsletters;
  • to better understand the needs of our clients and respond to their specific interests;
  • to contact you after you have corresponded with us and to send you information you may have requested;
  • for surveys or statistics on traffic sources;
  • to inform you of Montréal Museums Society promotions and activities as well as those of Montréal Museums Society member museums;

We keep your personal information for the above purposes only. We do not share, nor do we sell client lists to third parties. Third parties cannot obtain our compiled personal information lists. Our only objective is to offer you our best service and to better understand your needs. The Montréal Museums Society might disclose your personal information without your consent in exceptional circumstances where it is required by law or an order by a competent tribunal.
The information we collect consists primarily of your name and e-mail address. We inform you of the purposes of collecting personal information either verbally or in writing, depending on the circumstances in which we communicate with you. Otherwise, we proceed in writing or electronically.
If we obtain personal information about you from a third party operating a business, we write down the source of this information.
Please note that when you visit our website, we do not collect information about what type of system or Internet browser you use. Furthermore, we do not use what are commonly known as “cookies” on your computer.

3. Consent

We obtain your consent either verbally, in writing or electronically, depending on the circumstances, before or at the moment we collect your personal information. We state why we collect your personal information and ask your permission, ensuring that we obtain your obvious, free and informed consent.
By supplying the Montréal Museums Society with your personal information, you agree that the Montréal Museums Society collects and uses this information in accordance with this policy. You may refuse or decide to remove your personal information from our lists at any time.

4. Collection limitations

We only collect necessary personal information for specified purposes and we are committed to proceeding in an honest and lawful manner.

5. Limitation of use, disclosure and storing of your personal information

Your personal information is only used or disclosed for the purposes specified at the time or before it is collected. If we wish to use your information for other purposes, we shall obtain your new consent. We store your personal information for a reasonable duration needed to achieve the specified purpose. Once your personal information is no longer of use, or if you ask that your personal information be removed from our client lists, we destroy it to ensure it is no longer used or disclosed.

6. Accuracy

We endeavour to collect accurate, complete and current information to fulfill the requirements of the specified purposes. We do not update your personal information systematically, so we rely on you to inform us of any changes. The specified collection purposes do not require us to update systematically.

7. Protection of personal information

We strive to protect your personal information from being stolen, copied, used or disclosed for unauthorized purposes. Our employees are made aware of the importance of protecting the confidentiality of personal information. We limit personal information access only to personnel who are required to carry out specified purposes. We keep personal information on computer systems equipped with security systems to avoid access by unauthorized persons. We keep the filing cabinets where personal information is stored in restricted office areas. Employees who need access to this information are  provided with passwords to access our computer systems and must respect the guidelines set out by our designated privacy officer to ensure this policy is respected.

8. Transparency

We are committed to offering easily accessible and precise information on this privacy policy. We invite you to contact us regarding any of our personal information policies or procedures dealing with your personal information. To communicate with our privacy officer, please refer to the contact information given in Section 1 of this policy.

9. Access to personal information

You will be given access to your personal information by supplying us with the necessary data so that we may find it. If, upon reviewing your personal information, you request changes, we shall correct, delete or add information to suit your needs. Upon request, we will also inform you of the use and disclosure of any of your personal information to a third party.

10. Addressing complaints regarding non-compliance to this policy

For any concerns or complaints, please communicate with our privacy officer whose contact information can be found in Section 1 of this policy. We are confident we can satisfy your needs and adequately deal with any concerns or complaints you might have. We shall make inquiries in case of a complaint and if the complaint is well founded, we shall take the appropriate measures, including any modification of our policies and practices.

Terms and conditions

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Intellectual property

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To contact us regarding these terms and conditions

For all other correspondence regarding these terms and conditions, please write to us at the following address: Montréal Museums Society, Webmaster, 333 Peel St., Montréal (Québec), H3C 3R9.